How to Lose Your Job

I deliver a range sessions, talks, workshops around the themes of e safety including ‘Protecting Adults Who Work With Children’ – which focuses on how important it is that adults ‘own’ the AUPs.

It is only by understanding, valuing and being involved in the creation of acceptable use policies that an organisation such as a school can have the confidence that adults will behave appropriately to protect the children, themselves, their colleagues and the reputation of the organisation.

At Sunderland’s Teachmeet in October 2010 – I condensed some of the main points of my sessions – to around 7 minutes and it was, in the circumstances (!) very well received.

I’ve re created a version of that session and made it available via youtube, in the hope that it may be of further value to others.


3 Responses to How to Lose Your Job

  1. […] Whilst this video gives some useful pointers about e-Safety for Adults who Work with Children […]

  2. @creativeedu says:

    I highlighted your post in my Daily Digest of Education related blogs today as I thought other teachers would find it of interest. You can see it here:

  3. Linda says:

    Unfortunately we cannot get anywhere near YouTube in our school. We have no control over the filtering and YouTube is blocked.

    This video would make an ideal opening for staff training.

    Is there any chance of this video going on TeacherTube please?

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